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New Hedgehog Mommy to Emi Rosa!

by Gunnrbear @ Hedgehog Central � Hedgehog pet care & owner forum

Hi there everyone, My husband and I are new "Hogger" (our term of choice :) ) parents. Today marks morning two. She didn't eat for a day and a...

Best Bath Oils | Top 10 Bath Oils Reviewed

Best Bath Oils | Top 10 Bath Oils Reviewed


They lather well and build stronger immunity to bacterial and or viral infections. For best result, here is a detailed reviewed of the top 10 best bath oils

A Bath Oil Treatment for Dry Skin

A Bath Oil Treatment for Dry Skin


Dry skin is a condition that develops due to environmental or dietary factors, and it is also prevalent for those who have inherited a tendency toward dry skin and related conditions, according to the Mayo Clinic. Besides lotions and supplements, the most effective way to treat dry skin is with bath oil therapy. Bath oils often include natural oils...

10 Recipes to Make With Kaolin Clay

by Marie @ Humblebee & Me

Kaolin clay is easily the most versatile clay I own, and if you were only going to own one clay, I’d recommend white kaolin without hesitation. Kaolin is a lightweight, soft, silky clay that’s available in a variety of colours—pink, … Continue reading

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New Hedgehog Mommy to Emi Rosa!

by Gunnrbear @ Hedgehog Central � Hedgehog pet care & owner forum

Hi there everyone, My husband and I are new "Hogger" (our term of choice :) ) parents. Today marks morning two. She didn't eat for a day and a...

Vaseline Review (petroleum jelly product)

by (Kara Hooper) @ My Living With Psoriasis Blog

Hey there beautiful people,

It has been a while since I have written a post.  I have been a bit here and there in my life, moving countries and what not. Sadly the last thing that I was able to keep up with was my blog. However, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been thinking of stuff that I need to write about.

I have recently moved from a tropical, humid country back to England…a cold, dry country. Whilst it has been a struggle to adjust, the hardest and most stressful part has been trying to deal with my psoriasis flare up.

What have I been doing you ask?
Well, I have been spending a lot of time inside (not specifically because of my psoriasis – just because I am home for the holidays) without makeup on and constantly treating my psoriasis. I like to not wear makeup as much as possible as I am pretty sure the makeup I use doesn’t help my psoriasis what so ever (I am not very makeup knowledgeable soooooo have used the same stuff since I was about 15!)  but this is something that I will addressing in the new year.
Which brings me onto...

The story of the Vaseline…
Before I tell the story – the fact that I used Vaseline is irrelevant (I think); you can probably just use any petroleum jelly product.

One thing that really stressed me out being back home was that my lips were/are constantly dry and cracked. Not exactly something that I enjoy. I started to put Vaseline on my lips. Then one night when my psoriasis was really bad I just put it over my face. I thought that if it will keep my lips moist and stop them drying out then why wouldn’t it work on my pso!! It was a moment when I had to try something new or I was going to resort to steroid creams, which I hate, because I was just getting to down about how bad my skin was. I didn’t apply it allover my face though, because it is so greasy and I really didn’t want to end up covered in spots as well.

I put the Vaseline on overnight and checked how it looked in the morning. I noticed straight away that the Vaseline tended to get rid of the white flecks on top of the skin and made the patches feel less rough overall.

I have started to use Vaseline more over my body, it doesn’t immediately get rid of the patches but it does seriously help the overall look of them and makes the patches less red and aggressive looking. One thing I have noticed is that without the Vaseline (a few nights I have missed doing it) my skin is worse in the morning – so whilst I think that it isn’t doing anything because the patches aren’t completely going away, it is clear what it is doing when I see what happens when I don’t use it.  

Where have I been using Vaseline?
Currently I am only applying it to my face, scalp line and torso. It is really greasy stuff so getting it out of my hair is an actual nightmare and takes a few rounds of shampoo in the morning to do so. Currently time isn’t an issue for my routine, but when I need to be somewhere in the morning I would probably avoid putting it on my scalp line and on patches actually on my scalp just because it doesn’t look nice if it isn’t washed out properly.

I have a lot of patches on my face and only put the Vaseline, liberally, on those spots (as in, I don’t apply it like a moisturiser and just rub it in everywhere). I also put it around my ears and down my neck where I have some patches.

The visible patches are the ones that I tend to focus on more, everything that I can cover wearing clothes or whatever tends to get left out of the OTT application of creams/ointments/lotions and potions.  However, I have been applying to my torso to see the effect on those areas.

Do note that, if you are going to try using Vaseline – it is extremely greasy and will stain your clothes/bed sheets. Just wear PJ’s you don’t really care about and if you are worried about the bed sheets you can put a towel down. Everything is washable – that is my outlook anyway.

I didn’t intentionally decide to use Vaseline as a psoriasis product, but, I did it in impulse and I am really happy with the results.

Price: 10/10 – It is literally so cheap and you can buy it anywhere!! I think the one I bought was less than £2 for a decent (carry-able) sized tub.

Smell: N/A – There isn’t a smell to be honest.

Texture: 8/10 – I go through phases of liking the texture of Vaseline. It is a really gluey/sticky products but it goes onto the skin so smoothly. I think I don’t like the way that it is a nightmare to get off (i.e. off your hands after you have applied it and don’t want to get grease onto things that you touch) also it is impervious to a quick water removal.

Packaging: 10/10 – I love the Vaseline tub. It looks like and literally everyone at some point in their life has owned or used it….no questions asked.

Time consumption: 6/10 – Whilst it goes on so easily, it is an actual nightmare to get off (for me because of the way that I apply it to my scalp line and to my ears and whatnot), however, you could probably get it off with a warm towel and gently scrubbing if you didn’t apply it to your scalp. Once I have devised a routine to getting it off in the morning, it is a lot less frustrating. It is still annoying though but one of those instances where…the annoyance is worth the results? (If that makes sense at all)

Overall result: 9/10 – I love Vaseline; I used it all the time for my lips so would never not use it. Especially in England where my skin is so dry. My skin feels smoother and the patches of pso are noticeably different. It is enough to use – I can deal with how my pso looks whilst using Vaseline however if you are still striving for it to be completely gone…Vaseline might not be the product to do that. BUT, it is a fabulous product to use whilst looking J

Get a tub and give it a go! You probably have it somewhere in your house already.

Aveeno Skin Relief Shower & Bath Oil, 10 fl oz -

Aveeno Skin Relief Shower & Bath Oil, 10 fl oz -

Reviews Aveeno Skin Relief Shower & Bath Oil, 10 fl oz at

Regardless of these 2 governments there are the unique regional governments.

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Risks Of Preterm Labor And How To Prevent It Naturally

by Chandrama Deshmukh @ MomJunction

Every pregnant woman hopes to have a healthy gestation of 37 weeks. However, one major area of concern that a lot of women face today is the fear of going through preterm labor. As the term suggests, preterm labor means that you deliver before the due date. While a few days plus and minus are […]

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Aveeno Bath and Shower Oil, 250ml

Aveeno Bath and Shower Oil, 250ml


Aveeno Bath and shower oil 250ml composed of colloidal oatmeal. No.1 skin care formula which effectively cleanses moisturizes & conditions dry & sensitive skin.

How often do they get mites?

by RBURNS08 @ Hedgehog Central � Hedgehog pet care & owner forum

Hi there! I was going to get a headgehog and was wondering how often they may get mites? Or maybe get sick in general? I?m just trying to figure out...

Silky Camellia Hair Serum

by Marie @ Humblebee & Me

This Silky Camellia Hair Serum is a wonderful combination of a leave-in hair conditioner and an oil serum. It helps reduce frizz, add shine, prevent breakage, and even provides a touch of heat protection along with making your hair smell … Continue reading

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AVEENO Skin Relief Shower & Bath Oil 10.00 fl oz

AVEENO Skin Relief Shower & Bath Oil 10.00 fl oz


AVEENO Skin Relief Shower & Bath Oil

Aveeno Skin Relief Shower & Bath Oil

Aveeno Skin Relief Shower & Bath Oil

This light oil is a unique skin conditioner designed for use in the shower or bath. Its Aveeno Skin

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Aveeno bath oil on prescription

Aveeno bath oil on prescription

BabyCentre Community

hi, can anyone who gets aveeno bath oil on prescription tell me how often you get it? I use to use Oilatum bath until it started giving my son a rash and use to get a 600ml bottle every 2 weeks but I have picked up his first prescription of aveeno and he has been prescribed 1 x 250ml bottle every 2 weeks. From what I can see dosage wise it is 30ml in each bath so this would only last 8 days. Am I supposed to use it every other bath/day?

How To Write A Great Essay - Writing Process Rule #1 - The Five Steps Try At Proofreading-help-online com Company

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Delta Bath And Shower Faucets

by admin @

Delta Bath And Shower Faucets This page contains many articles about delta bath and shower faucets Delta Bath And Shower Faucets Articles Bathroom Faucets – Delta Faucet Browse bathroom faucets, shower heads, hand showers and more bathroom products by collection, features or style to find the right look for your current, or future … … Continue reading

AVEENO® Creamy Moisturizing Oil

AVEENO® Creamy Moisturizing Oil


This light body lotion moisturizes all day long to improve the look and feel of skin and leaves skin feeling soft and silky, without the greasy feel of body oil.

Bathing and Moisturizing for Atopic Dermatitis

Bathing and Moisturizing for Atopic Dermatitis


Avoiding dry skin is an important part of treating atopic dermatitis. This is done through bathing and using moisturizers. Bathing keeps you clean and moisturizes your skin. As you soak in a bath of clean, warm water, your skin absorbs much - needed water.For the best effect, moisture should be sealed into your skin by applying a nonsensitizing, nonperfumed moisturizing cream, lotion, or ointment

How-to Write a Research Report Introduction

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How often do they get mites?

by RBURNS08 @ Hedgehog Central � Hedgehog pet care & owner forum

Hi there! I was going to get a headgehog and was wondering how often they may get mites? Or maybe get sick in general? I?m just trying to figure out...

Think Twice Campaign

by (Kara Hooper) @ My Living With Psoriasis Blog

I received an email about a new website that had been created related to Psoriasis.
Within that email was the information provided below. It summarises what the concept is behind the website and what their aims are. I have also looked into the site and will talk about it below the quoted text below.
(It says in it “the website will launch tomorrow” – it has already launched)
For the 1.8 million people known to have psoriasis in the UK lack of regular review highlighted by a recent survey could mean that serious comorbidities such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer are missed.

New survey data show that:

• 1/3 of psoriasis patients haven't had treatment reviewed in at least five years
• 1/2 of psoriasis patients are on a repeat prescription
• Almost 60% of psoriasis patients on a repeat prescription felt at a disadvantage  

Lack of regular review highlighted by survey could mean that serious comorbidities such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer are missed 
• Psoriasis is a common condition affecting 1.8 million people in the UK
• More than just dry skin, psoriasis is a chronic immune disease that affects patients over a number of years, sometimes from childhood
• Psoriasis is associated with an increased chance of developing other serious conditions such as psoriatic arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and some cancers
• The condition can also have a significant physical, psychological and social impact on sufferers, and can limit their work opportunities and income
• The significant burden has just been recognised by a recent World Health Organization resolution on psoriasis which aims to combat the stigma, improve disease information and patient access to care.

The Psoriasis: Think Twice campaign was created to address the significant patient need and is supported by a Working Group of experts in the field of psoriasis care. 

• Psoriasis: Think Twice equips patients with the tools and information they need to talk to their doctor about the physical and psychological impact of their condition
• The Psoriasis: Think Twice website launches tomorrow and will help patients take ownership of their care

British Skin Foundation has commented:

"Skin disease can have a huge impact on all aspects of a person’s life, including self-confidence, career and personal relationships. One way to try and combat this is to ensure that patients have the best information and resources available to them to optimally manage their condition. Ensuring easily accessible advice and guidance is vital to prevent patients from becoming stuck on treatment cycles of repeat prescriptions where there may be a more effective alternative. This is why we support the Psoriasis: Think Twice campaign."

From me:
When you click on the link it takes you to a very colourful home page with the following tabs “Think twice”, “7 tips”, “Jessica”,  “Exposed: Film”, “Dear Dr.”, Working Group”, “More Info” and “Quotes”.

Think Twice:
Quotes at the beginning that around 1/3 of people with pso, haven’t had it checked by a GP in roughly 5 years or so. It also gives the study in which that information has been collected at the bottom of the page; “Opinion Matters Survey, Patients with Psoriasis Receiving a Repeat Prescription, LEO Pharma data on file, May 2014”. So if you want to check that out for more information, then do!

You can also do a cute little bottle count of how many treatments you currently have or use.

7 Tips:
So this gives you helpful information when you are going to see your GP. To find out more information; click on the “download” button and it just comes up in a handy PDF that you can print.

This is a section dedicated to a story about Jessica, a fellow psoriasis sufferer. She explains her troubles with psoriasis and how it affected her life and education. It is wonderful to see someone share a story with others in hopes that they will realized they are not the only ones who find battling psoriasis such a physical and emotional struggle. She is sharing her story with everyone in hope that others will not have to suffer the way she did. Thanks to you, Jessica.

This part is truly wonderful. It is a film about a woman who documents her struggles with Psoriasis.

Dear Dr.:
This sections overs common questions that GP’s are asked and gives answers to them.

Working Group:
This is a list of people behind the campaign and lists their professions.

More Information:
This section shows you other places that are available for people with psoriasis to go. Very helpful to have and I suggest that you check them out if you haven't heard of them before as they are all different in their own way. 

I like this section; it shows what other people have to say about living with psoriasis. I am a fan of reading other people’s opinions and feelings so it is a nice touch to have on their website.

You should check it out for yourself! J

Aveeno Bath Oil  | Calpe Pharmacy – Farmacia Gibraltar

Aveeno Bath Oil | Calpe Pharmacy – Farmacia Gibraltar

Calpe Pharmacy – Farmacia Gibraltar

Aveeno bath oil contains colloidal oatmeal, which is an extract from the grain of Avena sativa (oats or oatmeal). It is used in homeopathy to prepare moisturising skin preparations. The oil also contains liquid paraffin (sometimes known as mineral oil) and sunflower seed oil, and works by providing a layer of oil on the surface

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Aveeno Shower & Bath Oil reviews, photo, ingredients

Aveeno Shower & Bath Oil reviews, photo, ingredients


Aveeno Shower & Bath Oil: rated 3.9 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. See 39 member reviews, ingredients and photo.

College Back to School Shopping List #College

by Abbie Wingerd @ Mommies With Style

I have two weeks left before heading back to college which means it is time to go back to school shopping! Getting ready to go back to college is a lot different every year. Since I am going to be a junior I do not need the basic things like containers, pillows, and all that....

Read More »

AVEENO Skin Relief Shower & Bath Oil 10.00 fl oz

AVEENO Skin Relief Shower & Bath Oil 10.00 fl oz


AVEENO Skin Relief Shower & Bath Oil

Start Moisturizing While You’re Still In The Shower For Softer Skin

Start Moisturizing While You’re Still In The Shower For Softer Skin


For all they say about human bodies being 80% water, it sure is weird how sometimes your skin feels parched even when you're religiously moisturizing. Lots of lifestyle issues can be the cause of dry skin, but here's something that you should be doing if you want to keep that water percentage up. Did you know…

Aveeno Skin Relief Shower & Bath Oil, 10 fl oz -

Aveeno Skin Relief Shower & Bath Oil, 10 fl oz -

Buy Aveeno Skin Relief Shower & Bath Oil, 10 fl oz at

Psoriasis and Turmeric

by (Kara Hooper) @ My Living With Psoriasis Blog

A small note prior to this post; I have created an Instagram account to post products that I am trying and food that my sister and I are creating to help with my psoriasis, if you would like to follow me @lwpsoriasis is where you'll find me :)

So recently I have been told by a few people that turmeric is great for your skin and especially for skin conditions. I wasn’t sure what to think at the start as turmeric isn’t something that I would have thought could help improve my pso. So, I have looked into a few of the benefits of turmeric and skin and wanted to share this with you…

The benefits:
I took a look at a few websites to get a feel for what was great about turmeric. After reading around a little bit I noticed that most places were saying the same benefits:

·        Nourishing to skin
·        Anti-inflammatory
·        Reduce pigmentation
·        Reduce blemishes
·        Give skin a natural glow
·        Anti-ageing properties
·        Improve dry skin

It looks as though “curcumin”, which is found in turmeric, is the substance that helps with the above benefits. From reading more it sounds as though this substance can help more than psoriasis – there are references to it helping with cancer, Alzheimer’s, stomach ulcers, high cholesterol, viral infections and diabetes[1]. Sounds pretty great so far…

From the inside…
Due to the fact that it also says digesting turmeric is great for tackling psoriasis from the inside I am going to look into different ways of doing this in everyday meals. Psoriasis, whilst externally visible, has been said to stem from our gut and its ability to digest foods – if turmeric is meant to help with the reduction of psoriasis on the outside then adding it to food and trying to incorporate it into a diet must help!!

It seems that turmeric has a rather low absorption rate so there are ways to help increase this problem. Healthy and Natural World explains how to help get turmeric into the body via black pepper, mixing with fats and mixing with quercetin (a plant pigment). So, turmeric and black pepper on toast anyone? No, that doesn’t sound too appealing…SO – if you go to the link above they list some smoothies to try that can help get more turmeric into your body. I will be trying out some of these smoothies soon…

Curcumin tablets:
Another way to get curcumin (turmeric extract) into your system is by taking tablets. I looked around and they are pretty easy to get a hold of; Holland and Barrett’s does them, and there are multiple sellers on Amazon where you can get them from.

Let’s get started…
Turmeric is not something that I would have thought could help with psoriasis but after reading around about it I am keen to find some products and start testing them out. I am not even sure if there are turmeric based moisturisers or ointments but I am going to have a look about and see what products are best rated. My psoriasis is really bad on my face and scalp at the moment so I am going to look for products to help ease those areas and see if there are any amazing results.

Whilst tackling pso from the outside I am starting to focus more on what I put into my system. Sticking to foods that are best for pso and ensuring that I avoid foods that will increase a flare-up can only mean positive results.

If anyone knows of any turmeric products then mention them in the comments below and I have a look!!

If you want to take a look at a few of the websites that I found useful, then check-out the ones below…

[1] To read more: WebMD

AVEENO BABY Eczema Therapy Soothing Bath Treatment 3.75 oz

AVEENO BABY Eczema Therapy Soothing Bath Treatment 3.75 oz


AVEENO BABY Eczema Therapy Soothing Bath Treatment

 Creamy Moisturizing Oil | Ulta Beauty

Creamy Moisturizing Oil | Ulta Beauty

ULTA Beauty

Aveeno Active Naturals Creamy Moisturizing Oil is a light body moisturizer locks in moisture all day long to improve the look and feel of skin and leaves skin feeling soft and silky, without the greasy feel of body oil.

10 Best Aveeno Baby Products

10 Best Aveeno Baby Products


Aveeno baby products are specially formulated for your babies using the mildest ingredients. Check out our compiled list of 10 best aveeno products for you.

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America Uncovered the Dare Stones controversy, at Roanoke Area

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Skin Relief Shower & Bath Oil, 295 ml – Aveeno : Bath oil

Skin Relief Shower & Bath Oil, 295 ml – Aveeno : Bath oil

Jean Coutu

Get more details on Skin Relief Shower & Bath Oil, 295 ml, including product details, pricing and availability.

Psoriasis YouTube Videos!

by (Kara Hooper) @ My Living With Psoriasis Blog

After I was contacted by Betty about their up and coming documentary, I wanted to take a look and see if there was anything else that had been on TV about psoriasis. So, I went to YouTube and had a look around. I simply searched “psoriasis” to see what would come up and there are a lot of videos! Some of them explain what psoriasis is and that is what I want to share today.

Below are a few videos that I think are pretty decent in explaining what psoriasis is, what the types of psoriasis are, causes and symptoms (including common things that can flare up or trigger psoriasis) plus diagnosis and treatment.

I just want to include these today because I had never (ever) looked on YouTube for videos related to psoriasis before. I can’t believe how informative they are!! I’ve learnt what I know about psoriasis from my Doctor(s) and constantly searching medical sites and reading psoriasis articles. So, this is just a different way of learning about it that I wanted to share with you and that I am annoyed I never did before.

If you are a newbie to psoriasis and are lost and confused about what is going on and are too nervous or embarrassed to speak to someone about it – take a look. Honestly, even if you are a veteran of psoriasis-suffering and know a lot about it- look anyway as you never know if you might learn something new J

At the end there are a few videos on Psoriatic Arthritis. I don't really know a lot about it so decided to watch videos that told me about it. 

Lastly, they are quick and simple to watch – you don’t even really need to watch the video, you can just listen to the words. So put it on in the background if you are a busy-bee and you may gain something! 

YouBeauty: Understanding your Psoriasis. 

I love this video. I think it is brilliant at giving a brief but fully accurate description of what psoriasis is and why it happens. Plus, the graphics are wonderfully created to widen that understanding. 

HealthiNation: Three-Part series on Psoriasis

I enjoyed this three-part series as it gives a good overall understanding of psoriasis.

Part One: What is Psoriasis?